Your life just got easier!!

BBL Systems, Inc. is excited to present our Point-of-Sale applications and sister modules.  This software consist of bridal software, tuxedo software and prom software to optimize operations by reducing costs, increasing sales and controlling inventory of these type of retail stores.

These products are state of the art computer software programs designed for bridal, prom & tuxedo specialty shops and engineered for Windows™ 7,8 (32 bit or 64 bit) or Server /2008/2012  (32 bit or 64 bit).  They incorporate 30+ years of our experience, but more importantly the ideas, needs and desires of our 1000+ customer installations around the world.

They can be installed locally in your store on low cost, industry standard PC equipment.  Your data is local to you and NOT readable by BBL or any other person (unlike web-based rental software solutions).  Also the software is always available and not dependent on the on / off whims of the internet.

Are you concerned the software you choose will not meet your critical needs?  BBL can assure you our software will and if you have a unique need, we will be happy to customize our applications so you can have that need immediately met.

Most of our customers will tell you that after the implementation of our software, they were able to reduce costs and increase profits between $10,000 to over $100,000 annually (depending on their store size).

Bridal ProfitSystem

Bridal ProfitSystem (BPS) for Bridal & Prom shops

BPS offers a true easy to use graphical interface utilizing a keyboard, mouse and/or optional touch screen to operate. BPS™ has many years of  development effort invested with the result being a program that is the most powerful, feature rich and easiest to use Point of Sale program on the market for ANY industry!

Tuxedo Rental Point of Sale

Tuxedo Point of Sale (TPOS)

Tuxedo ProfitSystem POS™ is tuxedo software designed for rental operators whom own one or more stores and wish to have excellent retail rental order management, business tracking and cash control.

With the evolving business requirements of the rental industry, TPOS is the only software system available that can easily adapt to these changing needs. TPOS has a strong foundation in apparel retail, special order (needed for bridal), and rental order management. Rental order management may be utilized to operators who do not own their rental inventory OR those operators that own thousands of rental garments. We do it all!!

Tuxedo Rental Management

BBL Tuxedo Plant System (TPS)

TPS™ is tuxedo rental software designed for companies who own rental inventory: rent tuxedos or other merchandise and wish to manage the production of the rental orders created.  It is software that provides the necessary reservation tracking/performance tools to insure orders are produced & shipped on time. Inventory allocation on a daily basis is supported and complete inventory tracking is handled. In addition, sub-rental management is included along with modules for wholesale account management, invoicing and accounts receivable.

Quickbooks - BBL Systems

Accounting Integration for Quickbooks

BBL Systems Accounting Integration is an optional add-on for use with our Windows™-based point-of-sale applications for the Bridal & Tuxedo industries. It allows for the EXPORTING of WinBPS™ or WinTPOS™ accounts payable and general ledger information into the accounts payable and general ledger modules of Quickbooks, reducing errors and eliminating double-entry into a “back-end” accounting program.

BBL Systems Accounting Integration is an optional add-on for use with our Windows™-based point-of-sale applications for the Bridal & Tuxedo industries. It allows for the EXPORTING of BPS™ or TPOS™ accounts payable and general ledger information into the accounts payable and general ledger modules of Quickbooks, reducing errors and eliminating double-entry into a “back-end” accounting program.

Integrations available for:

  • Peachtree™ Accounting
  • Quickbooks™ Accounting

 Appointment Management

The BBL Systems, Inc. Appointment management module is a effective tool to organize appointments for your business. It can schedule employees and resources down to 15 minute increments for any future date. Define Appointment types, Skills and Skill ranking to insure the correct type appointment is being scheduled and the right resource is being utilized.

The appointment module is fully integrated with the point-of-sale system, prospecting, and customer tracking modules. The Close Ratio Report digs deeply into the app’s appointment results data, and shows how many appointments are being turned into sales, how much revenue is resulting from those sales, how effective each employee is at closing, and much more.

credit card services

Credit & Debit Card Services

BBL has partnered with industry leading merchant services providers, ChargeitPro to provide a low cost source of Debit Card / Credit Card electronic payment processing services and PC or internet based processing software. Unlike banks that typically provide ONLY credit card merchant accounts and CANNOT provide any level of technical support, BBL with our partners can provide specialized software and hardware support to keep you processing your electronic payments. BBL with our partners is like having a bank and a software support company, all in one!

Custom fitting - alterations

Custom Fitting & Alteration Management

The Custom Fitting module is designed for full service stores to track Custom Fitting jobs.  It makes managing this service a breeze with it’s integrated service pricing and reporting.


UPS & FedEx Integrated Shipping

BPS & TPOS© offers an Integrated Shipping Solution (ISS) thru it’s included Shipping Request System (SRS). The SRS module allows store operators to capture customer shipping requests for any item purchased and to manage the requests for a insure on-time shipping.

BBL offers an optional Integrated Shipping Solution with Federal Express Shipping (Fedex), United States Postal Service (USPS) and United Parcel Services (UPS) to enhance the BPS© and TPOS© shipping modules. Integrated Shipping allows a store/service center with internet access to produce a shipping label, communicate shipping information to the shipper’s computers, and to auto insert shipment tracking numbers i, all with just two mouse clicks!! This saves personnel’s valuable time and reduces errors!

Also, BBL has partnered with U-PIC, a parcel insurance company. This relationship can save a business 50% or more on the shipping insurance being paid directly to Fedex or UPS. BBL’s shipping module provides the needed information for proper shipment reporting to U-PIC.

Employee Time Clock

Included with BBL’s Services is the BBL Timeclock software which is an “Electronic Time Clock” program for use with our BPS™ and TPOS™ Point of Sale applications. It allows the shop’s employees to use the computer for tracking the hours they have worked.

Rather than using a mechanical time clock to clock in for work or clock out from work, employees simply click an icon and enter their user ID and password. The system automatically knows whether they are clocking in or out and displays a confirmation window.

The program has a large feature set and prints time cards, pay reports (gross pay) and department hours reports. The included maintenance tools allow the shop’s “time clock administrator” to edit an employee’s hours, see all the employees currently clocked in or out and to clock out any employees that may have forgot to clock out at the end of the day.

Email marketing

eMail Marketing & Web Form Integration

Rather than using hard to use, time consuming email client programs, store personnel may eMail from within the BBL’s ProfitSystem© applications with one click.

A optional integration to the #1 bulk email  marketing service, Constant Contact, is available. This easy to use service improves efficiency, increases security and allows for beautiful communication with customers

Web Form integration allows shops to place data forms on their web site as customer conveniences to increase customer interaction & store interest, an example would be a Request for an Appointment.

The BBL Web Form features allows for simple & easy management of this incoming information.


eCommerce – An online store

BBL provides a single point inventory management solution for your Brick & Mortar store as well as for your online store.  This will save the store hundreds of hours by eliminating double work for inventory setup.Enter styles, descriptions, images, quantities, prices, color & size charts in BBL Profitsystem software and sell those in store only, in store & eCommerce or only on eCommerce, you choose.Selling online increases your customer base from your local area to around the world!  And it is easy to do. Sign up with BigCommerce by clicking this link or the graphic in this section.

Why BigCommerce?  Bigcommerce is the world’s leading e-commerce platform, powering more than 30,000 online stores to over $1.3 billion in sales. They will help you create a gorgeous, professional store that’s easy to manage thanks to their powerful, easy-to-use features.  BBL can help too!

Titan Backup

Titan On-Line Backup Services

BBL Systems, Inc offers the security of off-site backup services.

Have you ever wondered what the impact to your business would be if your valuable computer data was lost forever? Is the creation of local backup copies of your data adequate by themselves? Could your business survive without it’s data?

For added protection, BBL offers an incredibly affordable off-site storage service where your data can be securely stored in case of disaster at your business. This service is called Titan Off-Site backup and is extremely easy to use via high speed broadband internet service.

This service costs is included in a BBL annual Service Agreement.  So little, for so much peace of mind.