Software for Parcel Shipping Services

Bridal Profit System (WinBPS©) & Tuxedo Point of Sale (WinTPOS©) offers a Integrated Shipping Solution (ISS) thru it’s included Shipping Request System (SRS). The SRS module allows store operators to capture customer shipping requests for any item purchased and to easily & quickly process those requests.

Tuxedo Profit System (WinTPS©) rental inventory / production system also supports the shipping of rental orders to remote retail stores and wholesale accounts via it’s Shipping module.

BBL offers an Integrated Shipping Solution (ISS) with Federal Express Shipping (Fedex) and United Parcel Services (UPS) to enhance the WinPOS© SRS and WinTPS© shipping module. ISS allows a store/service center with internet access to produce a shipping label, communicate shipping information to the shipper’s computers, and to insert shipment tracking numbers into WinPOS© or WinTPS©, all with just two mouse clicks!! This saves personnel’s valuable time and reduces errors!

Also, BBL has partnered with U-PIC, a parcel insurance company. This relationship can save a business 50% plus on the shipping insurance now being paid directly to Fedex or UPS. BBL’s ISS module provides the needed information for proper shipment reporting to U-PIC so a shop may take advantage of these savings.

BBL Integrated Shipping Solution (ISS)

Important features include:

  • “Ship to” address is automatically inserted in bill of lading
  • Insured amount is passed to bill of lading (if insurance is purchased from shipper)
  • Tracking number is automatically inserted into BBL software for “one click” customer service shipment tracking
  • Shipment status automatically updated
  • Data seamlessly moves between each. No DOUBLE ENTRY of information
  • Integrated into BBL’s shipping module which provides tools to management ALL shipments to customers