BBL offers a wide range of hardware accessories to maximize the benefits of  our Bridal Profit System (WinBPS©), Rental Tuxedo Point of Sale (WinTPOS©) & Tuxedo Profit System Rental Inventory Management (WinTPS©) software offerings.

BBL adds value to these accessories by providing their configuration and programming.  Then we walk you thru installation at your business and teach you how to utilize these important devices.

We will also provide custom solutions when your business has specialized needs.

Hardware Accessories to make the ProfitSystem™ work harder!

A partial listing of the standard hardware items we can provide are:

IP Cash Drawer

A Electronic Cash drawer is a great place for money. Organized and secure, models are available in over or under counter configurations.

Wireless POS Scanner

BBL offers portable data scanners for performing fast inventory physical counts.


A family of bar-code scanners is available for fast and accurate tag reading.


Specialized tag printers are a fast quite way to produce great looking labels and price tags!

Credit Card Swipe

Credit Card Swipes or Debit Pin Pads to speed checkout & SAVE $$