Software to manage employee schedules & appointments

The BBL Systems, Inc. Appointment management module is a effective tool to organize appointments for your business. It can schedule employees and resources down to 15 minute increments for any future date. Define Appointment types, Skills and Skill ranking to insure the correct type appointment is being scheduled and the right resource is being utilized.

BBL Appointment Manager (WinAPPT)
Key Features Include:
  • Creation/Maintenance of Emplyee schedules
  • Employee skill definition so employees with specific skills can handle certain appointment types
  • Employee ranking for one up appointment assignment
  • Appointments may be created by employee/sales associate or by timeslot
  • Appointment type scripts for reading to customers
  • Appointment alerts by appointment type and timeframe for dictation to customers upon appointment creation
  • Find appointments by appointment date, created date, appointment type, customer last name, sales associate assigned to appointment and appointment status, by prospect, by event
  • Appointments statuses include, Rebook, No-Show, Arrived & Waiting, Started, Complete, Walkout, Confirmed, Cancelled
  • Four user defined data fields per appointment type
  • User defined & unlimited appointment types
  • Appointment type duration is user defined in 15 minute periods
  • Each appointment type may have default duration and start times
  • Appointment success tracking
  • Powerful reports that include, appointments by employee, appointments by day, Appointment Results statistics, Appointment exceptions (overbookings), appointment alerts, employee work calendar, Closing Ratios by sales associate