Software for Managing Custom Fitting Tickets

BBL Custom Fitting module is a software application designed to help a full service store track the status of ‘Custom Fitting’ services.  New Fitting Tickets may be started by simply scanning a bar-code of the customer’s item, assigning to a tailor, entering the next refit date and adding the fitting tasks from the task service lookup which includes default pricing.

The system will automatically apply task service charges to customer tickets, print custom Fitting Tickets and provide Fitting reports.

The system keeps you organized, not letting you forget charges and knowing where customer items are in the process at all times.  A real stress reliever!   Customer service can quickly check status from the customer’s sales ticket, saving time & confusion!

Give your shop the best tools available to help it run smoothly and enhance customer satisfaction.  BBL Custom Fitting!

Important features include:

  • Quick fitting tcket creation
  • Create alteration tasks with default standard price (may be overwritten) with notes
  • Each fitting is assigned a ticket with tasks
  • Multiple Fitting Ticket Statuses for easy management
  • Fitting charges automatically placed on customer ticket (so no missed charges)
  • See fittings and detail of charges from customer online sales receipt
  • Easy to see fitting tickets assigned to each seamstress
  • Seamstress work audit/productivity reports