Software for Companies to Manage Employee Time

The BBL Systems Timeclock is an “Electronic Time Clock” program for use with our WinBPS™ and WinTPOS™ Point of Sale applications. It allows the shop’s employees to use the computer for tracking the hours they have worked.
Rather than using a mechanical time clock to clock in for work or clock out from work, employees simply click an icon and enter their user ID and password. The system automatically knows whether they are clocking in or out and displays a confirmation window. The program prints time cards, pay reports (gross pay) and department hours reports. The included maintenance tools allow the shop’s “time clock administrator” to edit an employee’s hours, see all the employees currently clocked in or out and to clock out any employees that may have forgot to clock out at the end of the day.

BBL Timeclock

Important features include:

  • Catagorize employee hours by user defined timecode
  • Password controlled employee time editing
  • Eliminate buddy fraud with fingerprint reader bio-metrics for clock in/out
  • Batch processing of employee time
  • Printed time cards for employee review / edit request
  • Track employee time by department, great for schedule planning
  • Employee work schedules via Appointment management module (WinAppt)
  • Hourly pay reports for analysis complete with hour fractions (great for payroll systems)
  • Detailed Sales by Hour by department analysis report for scheduling aid to maximize payroll