eMail or SMS text messages & Web Form Data Capture from ProfitSystem©

The BBL Systems eMail Integration program is for use with our WinBPS™ and WinTPOS™ Point of Sale applications. It allows the shop’s employees to use the computer for sending email, such as, special order receipt notifications, letters, sales receipts, purchase orders, appointment confirmations and mass marketing alerts/promotions to prospects, mailings lists and customers.

Rather than using hard to use mail clients, store personnel may eMail from within WinBPS/WinTPOS applications using your free eMail account, like gMail or Yahoo.  For more power your may utilize eMail relay services like SMTP.COM or utilize the bulk email features of Constant Contact. This improves efficiency, increases security and allows all users to easily communicate with customers.

To help make using eMail & SMS even easier & faster, BBL provides an integrated HTML editor for creating high quality looking emails incorporating logos and other images.  This includes the ability save frequently used eMails as templates allowing the template to quickly be selected for sending to any customer or prospect.  Templates may also be created for SMS messages. These emails may include any HTML features including links to online info gathering forms or payment forms or any other info that may be important to the customer.

An additional added benefit is that once an eMail or SMS is sent, a TODO entry is automatically created & closed for that customer allowing shop employees to see a log of this type activity with each customer.

Web Form Data processing is a service to allow shops to place many types of forms on their web-sites, like appointment requests.  When site visitors complete a form of data, that data is AUTOMATICALLY transmitted to the BBL software where a shop employee may review and process via a easy to use Web Form Review screen.  Add the customer to the BBL software with one click for eMail / SMS followup or send request to another shop employee via the BBL To Do system for tracking & activity logging (TO DO is a powerful marketing feature included with all BBL Point-of-Sale software).

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BBL eMail/SMS Integration

Significant Features include:

  • Use the included BBL form letter feature, complete with auto mail-merge of customer information, i.e. contact info, ticket balance, ..etc to send a personalized email
  • Enter a email address and one click send, from within our software, no need to exit to Microsoft Outlook, AOL, MSN, Google or Yahoo to send email.
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Can send a single email/SMS to a prospect, customer or mail list recipient. Can send a mass email blast to hundreds.
  • Can target eMail/SMS to specific customers based on purchases or interests
  • Use this feature to communicate with customers creating a audit trail within our TODO module.
  • Send receipts, POs, appointment confirmations, special order notifications, event notifications and much more.
  • For frequent bulk emails and to insure a higher level of email delivery use services as SMTP or Constant Contact.  These services provide additional email tools and insure higher percentages of eMail deliveries than other services like AOL, gMail or Yahoo.

Web Form Data Processing

Significant Features include:

  • Add any type of form to your website to capture customer date, i.e. appointment requests, dress inquiries, etc.
  • Templates are included to get your site up quickly.
  • WinBPS provides a easy-to-use web forms review screen where customers web inquiries may be distributed to store employees for followup and tracking.  Never let these important requests fall through the cracks!
  • Create appointments with one click from Appointment Web requests and send followup confirmation emails confirming appointment details complete with links to Web Form appointment interests questionaires.