Service to Backup and Store Data Remotely

BBL Systems, Inc offers the security of off-site backup services.

Have you ever wondered what the impact to your business would be if your valuable computer data was lost forever?  Is the creation of local backup copies of your data adequate by themselves? Could your business survive without it’s data?

For added protection, BBL offers an incredibly affordable off-site storage service where your data can be securely stored in case of disaster at your business. This service is called Titan Off-Site backup and is extremely easy to use via high speed broadband internet service.

This service costs only $19 per month or it is included FREE in our Platinum Service Agreement!

We are so confident in its abilities that your first 30 days of service are absolutely FREE. You can sign up for this invaluable protection service by clicking on the sign-up link.

Titan Off-Site Backup Service

Important Features:

  • Daily, hassle-free, offsite backup of your data.
  • Easy to use client application that can be installed on as many PCs as needed.
  • Customizable backup schedule via the Windows Scheduler. The Scheduler allows backup to be be performed automatically & unattended
  • Backup data is automatically compressed and encrypted before sending it to the server. No one can read or use your data without the password you assign it and the password is your secret!
  • All files selected are backed up, no matter the archive flag attribute.
  • Restore backup data anytime to any computer, anywhere by using our FREE client
  • This service can be integrated within BBL’s WinPOS(c) application to make it even easier to backup it’s important data (WinPOS© is not required for use of this service).
  • BBL tech support will help with backup questions or restoring your critical data