PayWare Connect Setup

Your National Merchant Assoc. merchant account and Payware Connect accounts have been created. The last step is enter the following information into the ProfitSystem software.

This Account information goes onto

Housekeeping-> General Setup-> Stores -> Options tab or
Setup-> -> General Setup-> Stores -> Options tab 

Once this is set also check to insure the proper Credit Card tender types are checked.

Setup-> Accounting-> Accounting setup -> Setup tab
Housekeeping-> General Setup->Accounting setup -> Accounting Setup -> Setup tab

Now exit and restart the ProfitSystem on every workstation.

To test the integration perform a Quick sale for $1 and process a credit card.  As a test you can use 4111111111111111 as a credit card number with any expiration.  When you click the Process button you should receive a message back a message as card declined.  If not htne the setup is not proper and you should send BBL a support email  by responding to this email.

You can also test a real credit card.  You should get an apporval.  

Then loginto the Payware connect portal using the administrative credentials provided to you by NMA (NOT THESE CREDENTIALS you just placed into the ProfitSystem).  You should run a transaction report etc.  Then you should learn how to void the $1 payment.  Voids can happen the day of the charge.  Credits would happend any day after the date of the charge.

Credit Card PCI compliance requires that your password is changed every 90 days in Payware connect when you manually log in.  The ProfitSystem password will never expire as long as you never attempt to manually login using it.

Thank you and let us know if you need further help.


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