Why purchase from BBL Systems?

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  • BBL software was originally designed in 1983 for our founder’s wife who owns Bridals by Lori, a super successful bridal store in Atlanta
  • BBL was the first system ever developed for Bridal and is the system any others strive to be compared to
  • BBL software was developed by a team of people with backgrounds in accounting (CPA), computers and the bridal industry insuring it meets the requirements of these disciplines
  • BBL has dedicated support and developer personnel to support you
  • You will not outgrow BBL software or be frustrated with lack of functionality
  • Customization services are available if ever needed
  • Very flexible, suitable for Bridal only, Prom only, Tux Retail only or Tux reservation management only operations OR any combination
  • BBL is not a manufacturer who wants to lock you into buying their line of gowns
  • BBL does not collect your data  to sell to the highest bidder, i.e top styles, sales volume (as some online systems can do)
  • BBL goal is to make you successful…when you are successful, then BBL is successful as well


Purchase Options

BBL software licenses may be purchased, leased or rented. Long term, purchasing or leasing the software is the least expensive route, because once you own it you never have to pay more for licenses. And it’s capital investment may be written off your taxes (speak to your CPA concerning the tax benefits of purchasing or leasing). Renting our software is a fast, easy and low cost way to use our software. For a low monthly investment your bridal or tuxedo business may become computerized with the best software available. When renting you access our servers in Atlanta via the internet, thus only a terminal (PC) and printer is needed at your location).

BBL offers you…

  • Extensive training aids designed to get employees up to full productivity quickly
  • Virtually no need for redundant data entry thereby reducing errors
  • Ability to tune the software to your specific needs thereby minimizing the need to change the way you operate your business
  • Many features built into the software to save you time and make you money
  • Single store or 50 stores, our software can fulfill your needs
  • Easy to learn and implement