BBL’s Rocket SAAS service allows access via two technologies.

MicroSoft’s RDC client software included in Windows or Browser based HTML7 – like Chrome, FireFox or Sarfari.  PROs and CONs exist with both approaches, primarily around how printing is preformed.  BBL can help you choose based upon your requirements.

 HTML5 access


RocketProfit HTML5 access can send all ProfitSystem PRINT output to a PDF taking away print driver challenges. 

If PDF will not work, such as in price tag or rental Production ticketing printing then BBL will help you setup printing via Remote Desktop Services for workstation access.

By default, when any PRINT option is selected withinin ProfitSystem,  RocketProfit will convert the ProfitSystem output, such as a receipt,  to a PDF and copy it to your local device.  When processing is completed, a onscreen PDF view button will on a tablet or a PDF view Tab will appear appear on a Desktop device such as PC or Mac using the local tablet/computer’s PDF viewer application.   Once the Receipt or Report appears  it may be printed to a any local printer available from within the PDF viewer’s software Print function.

Upon print completion, the user should close the PDF tab/window and return to the ProfitSystem session Tab. 

Perform a test print of any webpage or PDF from the tablet/workstation.  This test is to determine if a printer is available to tablet/workstation for printing ProfitSystem PDF output.  If you cannot print from a webpage/pdf with the workstation/tablet browser, then you cannot print from RocketProfit Server & Profitsystem.  

Prior to installing the BBL RocketProfit Server, each Tablet or Desktop workstation should be able to PRINT web-site pages or PDFs to any installed printer.  This ability to print is required by ProfitSystem to PRINT customer receipts and other reports from ProfitSystem.

Utilizing the BBL RocketProfilt Server Universal Driver for IOS tablets or Virtual Printer Driver on Androids/MACs/PCs, all printer output in ProfitSystem will display as a PDF print job.  Once the PDF displays, then select a printer available to the Tablet or Desktop workstation for actual printing.   Printers within the ProfitSystem are assigned on a Workstation/Tablet by Workstation/Tablet basis using the ProfitSystem Printer Form for each.


Printer Set-up within ProfitSystem



Printer Connection option diagram



Compatible Browsers


IE10 or newer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera / Safari.   Chrome is the recommended browser for PCs, MACs and Android tablets.  Safari is recommended for iPads.


HTML5 Browser Pull down Menu









Arrow … Tablet only.  Make Circle Mouse reappear


Keyboard … Tablet only. Toggles Display / Hide for the onscreen keyboard which is used for data entry within the ProfitSystem.   On tablets and phones a RED square will appear next to pointer when the cursor is in a data entry field.  Touch it to have a keyboard appear.



Clipboard …   To copy the text from session to clipboard use Ctrl+C and to insert the text from clipboard use Ctrl+V.


But pay attention when you copy the text with Ctrl+C, wait some time before releasing the pushed Ctrl+C buttons, because if the requested clipboard text arrives after you release this key combination, the text will not be added to your environment clipboard. This way uses a native browser clipboard copy support initiated by Ctrl+C.

Alternatively you can use the clipboard menu to copy from and to insert the text into HTML5 session clipboard.

There you can just insert the text into HTML5 session clipboard or add it to clipboard and auto-initiate Ctrl+C on HTML5 session side to insert text. The clipboard menu can be opened via action menu or Shift + F11.

When you copy the clipboard with mouse inside a HTML5 session, the text gets sent to browser and as soon as you go out of browser focus, the clipboard menu appears automatically to inform you that there was a clipboard text and that you did not add it to your clipboard environment.


File Manager / File  up …  Use the top menu for file transfer. Unlike real HTML5 the browsers do not allow to access the hard drives directly, the file transfer is emulated.

The sub-folder of gateway gets mounted as a WebFile device into your RDP session. Inside the HTML5 session you can access it via Explorer by clicking on “WebFile” or call “\\tsclient\WebFile” directly:


Fullscreen …  Active on desktop workstations only.  Function removes Tabs, Address browser, tool bars from top of browser providing moe screen space to application.