Purchase Order Number vs Purchase Order Item Number

Many people confuse the "PO Item Number" with the "PO Number". Please note the distinction in those 2 names. Those are two *completely* different numbers in the system.

When you sell something on a Sales Ticket and mark it to be "Special Ordered", the system assigns the item a "PO Item Number". This is the number you see on the Sales Ticket screen. This number links the item to the Customer, to the Event, and, once it has been issued, to the Purchase Order. In the example you emailed us, the PO Item Number is 477 (note the caption next to that field says "PO Item").

The "PO Number" is the number that the system assigns to Purchase Orders when they are issued.

On the ProfitSystem Purchase Order Maintenance screen you use PO Numbers to locate the actual PO which could contain one or multiple styles each style listed with unique PO Item numbers.   PO Items for special orders are used to link the item being ordered to the ticket/customer.

The system provides a couple different ways to review PO Items.

This first is to select the Item on the Sales Ticket. Then double-click *inside* that "PO Item" field near the top-right. This will take you straight to the "PO Item Maintenance" screen. There, you will see info on the item. You will *also* be able to see on that screen if the Item has been Issued on a PO. If so, you will see the date it was issued and the PO Number assigned.

The second is to use the "Special Order/Pickup" tab for the Event in question. The top half of that screen will show all items sold and marked to be Special Ordered in that Event. Scroll to the right, and you will see columns labeled "PO Item" and "PO Number". If you see a line with "PO Item", but no "PO Number", that tells you that that item has not been issued a PO yet. If you DO see a PO Number, that means that item HAS been issued a PO. You will also see the date it was issued. Finally, if you click on a line to select it, you can click on the "Go to PO Item" button to take you to the PO Item Maintenance screen. IF the item also shows a PO Number, you can also click on the "Go to PO" button, and that will take you to the PO Maintenance screen for that item.

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