$50.00 USD
$2800.00 Setup Fee
BigCommerce New Store Start-up Service
1) Apply a existing standard Bigcommerce theme to their new Bigcommerce store
2) Set-up two Product Detail templates that are utilized when ProfitSystem inventory is uploaded to BigCommerce
3) Setup their sales tax rules in Bigcommerce
4) Setup Shipping fee rules in Bigcommerce
5) Setup payment methods in BigCommerce, i.e. authorize.net
6) Create a BigCommerce Landing Page
7) Create 5 pages, 1) FAQ, 2) About Us, 3) Shipping Policy, 4) Return Policy & 5) Sizing Explanation Pages
8) Training on how to export inventory to Bigcommerce from the ProfitSystem , how to add Products in BigCommerce bypassing the ProfitSystem and how to process customer orders out of Bigcommerce
$50.00 USD
$2950.00 Setup Fee
eStyle Styling Customization Service
1) Apply a user selected color theme, Home page layout and Home page graphic set to a eStyle ecommerce site
2) Help with store setup such as tax and authorize.net account setup.
3) Create up to five additional information pages. Examples are Contact us with form, Events, About us, FAQ/Shopping tips and Shipping & Return policies. All content for pages are to be provided by client/customer.
4) For ProfitSystem users we can provide Order Processing training to teach how to process eStyle orders in ProfitSystem.
5) Domain help. Acquiring a custom domain and applying it to your eStyle store.