Tuxedo and Gown Rental Management features

Customer Set-up

  • Ability to send E-mail directly to store/account
  • Wholesale Account & Company Store support
  • Customizable invoicing terms with invoice & A/R support
  • Automatic tracking account exceeding credit limit
  • Shipping methods & times customized to each store/account

Order Entry

  • Critical system dates automatically filled-in based on customer need date
  • System selects most cost efficient shipment method based on when needed
  • Ability to select alternate size when system warns original size is not available when requested
  • Rental items are reserved on the exact days needed ONLY, not for a week, this allows more terms per year for an item
  • Immediate availability check
  • Ability to force any order thru regardless of availability
  • Store assigned item identification up to 25 alphanumeric characters
  • Pricing discounts can be account/store specific

Pick Ticket & Assembly

  • Ability to choose from multiple pick ticket formats
  • Control of pick tickets printed by multiple criteria
  • Barcode entry of order and item serial number
  • Support for item swap at QC

Packing Slip

  • Ability to print packing and invoice at same time

Return /Laundry

  • Returning item can be auto marked for laundry
  • Detailed tracking of items in laundry by bag/batch
  • System indicates if item returned is needed quickly for another order
  • Ability to track multiple return sessions per day

Accounts Receivable

  • Ability to print invoices and statements by selection from multiple criteria
  • Automatic invoice aging on statement
  • Ability to spread customer payment across multiple invoices
  • Ability to accept Credit Cards and to process them thru software


  • Control overbooking by system security for employee
  • Ability to process overbook by multiple criteria
  • Sub-Rent module to manage inventory overbook requirements & insure enough inventory is available to satisfy orders in production


  • Exhaustive reporting with multiple selection criteria
  • Forecast report to determine whether to buy or sub rent
  • Sub order report to analyze outstanding sub orders
  • Shipping report
  • Late report to analyze those orders that are in critical status & to send overdue notices
  • Low QOH report to determine situation where actual inventory
  • Laundry report
  • Accounts Receivable aging report