WinTPOS provides the same capabilities as the WinBPS software with these additional features:

Rental Order Entry

  • Completely flexible client defined item types and characteristics
  • Easy & fast data entry
  • Automatic suggestion of item size based on customer measurements
  • Utilization of catalog code to represent complete “as pictured” ensemble
  • Single screen entry for all members of Event with items to be rented
  • Automatic item duplication for successive members of Event
  • Ability to enter alternate location for customer pickup or return
  • Specify if production can adjust item size up or down
  • Inclusion of notes for production

Sales Ticket to track payments, deposits and retail sales

  • Automatically create sale ticket for processing payment transactions & add-on sales
  • Ability to accept security deposit ant return to customer when items returned
  • Auto add damage waiver to tickets
  • Confirmation of order at point-of-sale in real time with TPS Plant

Order Check-in, Pickup and Return

  • Ability to check-in order at store when received from plant or supplier with serial # tracking
  • Ability to indicate customer picked-up with integrated requirement that all payments have been made
  • Integrated transaction to return items to store (by barcode if tracked) and process security deposit
  • Ability to control items sent back to plant or supplier by system produced manifest


  • Fully integrated with retail point-of-sale
  • Ability to share same inventory data with retail inventory Exhaustive Order reporting for active, delinquent, held and other category by status and date range