• Many new marketing features
  • On-Line form data capture
  • Quick Inventory batch load/edit via excel like grid
  • Enhanced extra charge processing
  • To Do/Action management

To-Do management:

  • Easily add to do tasks for prospects, customers and events and assign the TO-DOs to specific store staff. To-Dos are tagged to events making it easy to see all tasks performed for all event members.
  • To-Dos are auto created for the ordering department when an event date is changed or when a ordered item’s size or color modified on a ticket.
  • User receives a TO DO alert when they use their user/password if they have open To Dos.
  • Staff assigned to a department To Do’s are easily seen by the Department manager

Extra Charges:

  • New ability to create extra charges on the fly within a ticket. These extra charges are applied on the ticket sale item and printed on the PO when item is ordered, but NOT permanently saved to the extra charge database.
  • A new ability to add Private Special Instructions. These instructions may be created on the ticket or within the PO Item Maintenance form. These instructions are private to the customer, but print on the PO as additional instructions to the manufacturer.
  • On PO issued function there is indication now of a extra charge(s) are created for the item.
  • On ticket the Extra Charge is now indicated by the EXTRA transaction time (was adjustment).
  • Extra charges may be easily edited from the PO item maintenance form

Printed PO Reformat:

  • The printed PO format has been slightly changed for improved readability. A courier font is now being used, the extra charges are better formatted and the price for each is listed next to the charge. Finally the new private instructions print below the special instructions.

Mass Marketing

  • We have created a new mass marketing feature set. Now there is a very easy way to select prospects, customers, brides and members based on what they have or have not purchased. Once selected, labels, letters, email and SMS messages may be sent.

SMS Messaging

  • With the WinPOS eMail module SMS messages may be sent to opt-in customer’s cell phones. SMS may be utilized for notifications, example, bridesmaid orders, order receipt in the store, appointment confirmations, & promotions

Email Mass Marketing

  • Sending eMail via our mass marketing functions is enhanced to allow for automatic un-subscribe requests to be processed, bounce-backs to be processed and to track which emails were completely opened (ie graphics viewed)
  • WinPOS eMail will include an HTML editor and HTML templates that will make it easier to send high impact email blasts.

Online Forms Processing

  • Collecting information from your web-site for WinPOS will be very simple. BBL will provide the form fields for your web-site to collect customer contact information. Requests could be for more info, an appointment or subscribe to a newsletter etc.. The form will collect name, contact info & event date. This information will automatically be gathered by WinPOS and placed in the new TO-DO module for the shop’s staff to process the information into WinPOS.
  • New Inventory Import
  • Of specific interests to new WinPOS users is the new import inventory feature that will allow a customer to quickly import inventory from a spreadsheet format. This import would auto create vendors and categories.

New Inventory Batch Editor

  • This feature allows for mass changes to inventory item details in a excel-like grid format. Very nice to change quantity on hand, costs and retail prices.

Misc Enhancements

  • Added improved appointment edit tracking. Added new tab to appointment system for edit tracking
  • User may easily change their personal system password
  • Tux Rental enhanced pull report with pick tick # and page break by item type
  • PO Alerts are bold on the Issue PO function
  • New security setting for editing PO item details on ticket when ordered
  • Appointment Closed report is enhanced. Now WinPOS will count appt status Complete or Walkout on close ratio report for appt complete column. Removed requirement that prospect be created during report date range to be counted Also count customers linked to appoint along with appt->prospect->customer. Only count sale type appointments for ratios.
  • Option to store net cost on sales for cost of sales & margin reporting
  • Tuxedo Rental Forecast report now shows orders with no booked quantities
  • Tux Rental Production Overbooked form now allows users a choice for the system to auto select orders for sub-renting or for the user to manually select the order. When manually selected to sub he system immediately takes the user to the sub-rental form where the sub-renter supply may be assigned.

Rental Multiple Exchange

  • Now multiple rental items may be concurrently selected for exchange

Tuxedo Serial number log

  • Log when rental inventory serials are modified for easy retrival and consistent turn tracking

Assembly Form Sub-rental features

  • Items may be marked for sub-renting or removed for sub-renting from the Assembly form

Tuxedo Rental Hold back Percentage

  • On a style / size basis the system will support a reserve percentage, not accepting rental orders to use inventory within the hold percentage

Tuxedo Rental Check Availability

  • Added significant more capability to the Quick Availability check. User may enter a use date now to auto check availability. For wholesale, an wholesale account may be entered and availability is computed for that account incorporating ship / return times.

Tuxedo Rental Wholesale

  • Order entry form enhanced to show more account details. Tabs for shipping, billing, etc