WinBPS Feature List for Comparative Analysis


  • Bride & Groom information are stored together (for wedding prospects)
  • Customized mass mailings
  • Customized Email blasts with integrated email software
  • Favorite management
  • To-Do list management
  • Ability to measure inventory activity (not just sales) for item
  • Easy & fast data entry

Customer Management

  • Only one entry required for prospect to customer information, do not have to retype
  • Same Customer can be a part of multiple events and have multiple single orders,concurrently
  • Easy & fast data entry
  • Can have multiple rental & sale transactions on same sales ticket
  • Can maintain customer measurements & contact info
  • Customized mass mailings
  • Customized Email blasts with integrated email software
  • Rental & Purchase History is easy accessible and may remain with customer indefinitely

Event Control

  • View complete status, i.e. special orders, ticket balances, measurements, rental order status, of all customers in an Event from within a single area, no jumping around to other parts of program
  • Fast registration of members in large events, many entry shortcuts available
  • Single up to date sales ledger for a customer for an Event showing all rentals and/or purchases
  • Ability to register gowns sold to prom, debutantes, etc members to prevent selling same item in same event
  • Easy & fast to learn


  • Easy & fast data entry
  • Select item purchased directly via bar-code scan, key entry or explode inventory listing
  • Select size/color/width from availability table display
  • Automatically add extra charges to item
  • Ability to specify whether item sold from stock (while maintaining accurate QOH) or need to be special order
  • Ability to split sale between multiple sales associates
  • Incorporate special/custom instructions for special orders during sale that will auto appear on Purchase Order
  • Handle information only 1 time, modules are tightly integrated
  • Online credit card authorization
  • Exhaustive flexibility for correcting after the fact point-of-sale errors or customer changes
  • Flexible sale tax support
  • Transaction audit reports to review suspicious transactions
  • Security protect sensitive transaction types from being performed from un-authorized personnel
  • Tickets can contain only rental transactions or sale transactions or a combination of both
  • Ability to have multiple sales & rental terms that print on receipts
  • Ability to mark items for shipment
  • Can see if items have been taken from store and/or returned
  • Can reverse transactions
  • Can maintain extensive notes & references

Purchase Order

  • Easy & fast data entry
  • System notification of all un-issued special order purchase orders with notification of critical items
  • Consolidation of all like items on single purchase order for same Event
  • Stock replacement based on required minimum stock level including sales forecasting
  • Easy Open PO follow-up
  • Save confirmation information with each PO
  • Easy on-screen review of items to be ordered
  • Fast data review by accessing event & customer information from un-issued PO form
  • Use size & color matrixes to quickly create stock orders of multiple items of same style


  • Retail, Rental & Lay away/Pickup inventory are all supported
  • Store assigned item identification up to 25 alphanumeric characters
  • Assign size and color tables for easy & fast user review on inventory within size/color grid
  • User defined store id up to 25 alphanumeric characters
  • Ability to store multiple digitized pictures of an inventory item
  • Automated retail pricing of item based on formula
  • Item categorization and sub-categorization for use in reporting
  • Easy & fast data entry
  • Maintain multiple selling prices for item
  • Sales statistics for item and further for item by size, color and store
  • Inventory can be rental or retail or both
  • Support for sophisticated physical inventory counting
  • Rental Inventory can maintain bar-coded or RFID id numbers for tracked items
  • Support promotional pricing schedule by date, amount, vendor and/or category special promotional pricing module is included to support ‘sales’
  • Maintain vendor customization options with cost & retail price, like extra size & extra length plus many more and have the system auto charge a customer when the parameters are met.


  • Exhaustive reporting including sales, QOH and gross margin by date range, vendor and category
  • Special order reporting by age, due date and overdue
  • Reports for sales available in graphical format
  • Easy & fast data entry
  • Ability to create custom reports with system Query function and/or export to Excel
  • Customer Balance reports, customer statement printing
  • Lay-away reporting indicating, aging, customer balance, last transaction (payment) date ..etc


  • Complete register functionality including paid in-out, register journal, revenue accounting report and tax reports
  • Ability to select accounting techniques from multiple choices & reduce your accounting/bookkeeping costs
  • Print tags (price, special order or accessory) from predefined format
  • Easy & fast data entry
  • Selective mass mail or Email capability utilizing mail-merge functionality & integrated word processor
  • Ability to calculate alteration charges, automatically place charge on ticket and determine status of alteration
  • Support appointment entry with scheduling of resource by associate or time slot
  • Integrated tracking of employee hours worked along with Sales per hour reporting
  • Ability to spread single payment across multiple customers for an Event in one transaction
  • Quick sale entry when no customer particulars are required
  • System security control to prevent and/or personnel to perform selective activity