ProfitSystem v13 Features  – since v12

(under development as of June 6, 2018)


Tickets / Events / Customers / Prospects

  • Digital Signature Capture on receipts is improved
  • Capture Digital signature for ProfitSystem Receipt from ChargeitPro terminal
  • Support touch for member tab on Event
  • Added Payment Plans and ability to print details
  • Automatically generate Payment Plans using a down payment %, total number of payments, and a term
  • If selling a discontinued style display confirmation and log.  If style is marked inactive, deny sale
  • Only prompt to move cancelled item to permanent inventory if it’s in pickup and special order. If stock, just move it.
  • Add Event date as sort option for event lookup
  • Multi-store feature: Added store id to prospect form so Users know where prospect was added
  • Added ability to apply Signature capture on ChargeitPro terminal to ProfitSystem purchase agreement (90% complete)
  • Added support of remote USB AGP cash drawer in terminal server setups
  • With ChargeitPro integration, eMail payment links to Customers where they may pay at their convenience.  Payments are added to Customer’s ticket when completed and email confirmation of payment received sent to shop’s email address (50% complete)


  • When using manual import duplicate vendor/category/sub-cat
  • Send SMS messages from pickup notification form.
  • Add a button on SCW form to show net price and all promos/extras in effect for the size,color, width
  • Tags can be automatically printed after mass inventory updates.
  • Only display sales when search by style
  • Up to four colors per style and each can now be 25 characters long
  • Added Qty on Order to inventory lookups
  • Allow color names to have spaces in them
  • Add Picture Perfect integration
  • Allow changing of store style directly on retail inventory form
  • Added ability to perform multiple physicals by category per day


  • Sales Performance report can now search for Department by sales associate or register
  • Enhance Sales Close Ratio report to show prospects created in the date range, and prospects with any sale linked via phone #, and ratio %
  • Added the Prospect Sold number and % to Prospect Listing report
  • Add confirmation number as sort option on Tuxedo Rental Reservation report
  • Add a Store QOH sub-group to Inventory by Category report
  • Enhance the pickup notification report to include  SA, Ticket# & ticket balance group report by SA
  • YTD Detail & YTD Sales Analysis Reports can be filtered by Category and then resulting report will not include Vendors or Category with 0 values
  • Added Sales by Date report, may be ran for any month, quarter or  year
  • Inventory not Sold may be limited by Category


Misc Features

  • Delete mailing list item via a new unsubscribe merge code placed in email body
  • Added Toolbox button for Touch mode
  • Add universal support for cash drawers triggered from receipt printers
  • Use card type from saved ChargeitPro credit card
  • Added an Inventory SCW Barcode lookup function to Find menu.
  • Allow an SA to be required when re-booking an appointment
  • Multi-Store feature:  Restrict events,tickets, pick-up,prospect to current store based on security.  New system setting to require VIEWSTORES to override
  • Don’t allow negative entries for paid-in and paid-out
  • When creating bridesmaid ticket from event with adjustment, use the net price on style rather than adjustment if special tax rate in use
  • Support Multi-Store with QuickBooks Accounting integration: Added QuickBooks class to department setup, update GL export to add class to GL export records.  Allow department on invoice, and add class to transactions exported
  • Electronic Payments:  Add a Credit / Debit prompt for ChargeitPro that comes up after they select “Credit on terminal”.  
  • Added a new 40 column receipt layout
  • New Ability to perform charges with Chargeitpro using standard card swipes
  • Add Qty to Order to Inventory Import.  This allows users to come back and quickly enter market orders into system.  This feature will create inventory style, SCW & pending stock order linked to newly created SCW, saving time and steps
  • Added a color chart import.  Great for companies or eCommerce services that provide colors
  • Display PO Item number on PO number prompt when issuing POs
  • Automatically create the new store style when saving a new stock PO item
  • Make sure the customer is selected for Email/SMS from pickup notifications form
  • Sort PO item receive grid on vendor Style number
  • Display warning to User when shipping an item with a balance or releasing it for shipping
  • Update to TLS 1.2 security for bigcommerce export
  • Engage Customer Communications hub.  Have eMail & SMS managed from a central hub to insure no communications is missed.  Easily create TO DOs, and appointments. Complet auditing
  • Check Store Day’s Business via a web URL link via a responsive web-page.


TuxedoPOS / Production

  • Add Role to Sub-Rental report & form
  • Added an option to show Event name on Sub-Rental grid
  • Added a wholesale representative to the stores table for rental wholesale accounts.  It it used automatically for the clerk on rental orders created for that wholesale account.
  • Allow filter on sub-rental form for deposit paid.  Group sub-rental form by event, orders, and line items
  • When print pick tickets, do not check security deposit paid amounts for wholesale accounts
  • Added a “Need” column to printed Overbook report
  • Allow direct entry of confirmation number on sub-rentals even with the Jims integration active
  • New Intra-Chain/Store Sub-Rental/Loaner feature, so a store can quickly loan tracked inventory to another sister store
  • New Assembly Order Sequence number, created when first payment is received.  Prints on Receipt. Improved backroom sort for fast locating on pickup.  Format is – M/D/YYYY-sequence #
  • Tux registration HTML form, when adding new event member via create order, if locate via prospect, copy prospect details into customer.
  • Added a new NoonDaily last fee method whereby the system will auto charge a late fee if order not returned by Noon on return date.  If using Noon late fee method, charge configurable amount for the first day, regular late fee for every other day.  
  • Sped up check availability
  • When adding Groom rental order to event, and groom on member tab, auto use that customer
  • Use non-business days when computing extended rental terms
  • Production when shipping can charge saved credit cards if wholesale account terms are COD
  • Wholesale account daily order recaps auto sent by eMail
  • Allow searching by phone, email and Drivers License to to search when adding new customer/prospect/event
  • Improved wholesale account Invoice payments
  • Added new payment Terms for wholesale account
  • Added new system setting to only check availability on order save, which significantly improves speed


  • New feature to clear all exception schedules or to clear the current SA exception schedule
  • Remove schedules for terminated employees when terminated date added to an SA
  • The Dressing Room Control Panel now filters to multiple PROM appt types, and show type on grid
  • Increase the loading speed for Dressing Room Control Panel
  • Print the full notes on the appointment
  • Add the resource and SA on the appointment printout
  • When rebooking, don’t change status to Rebook until appointment is saved
  • Sped up appointment viewing with lots of appointments and filtering
  • Maintains the Appt. Date/Time column sort selection after making an appointment edit
  • For Multi-store, limit the appointment filter to the current store if VIEWSTORES and High security is on
  • Added Resource filter to Appointment Form appointment search


WebForms / Automation

  • Allow updates to prospect notes via the appointment request form, if an already existing prospect submits a new form
  • If the appointment type is blank on web prom form, don’t create the appointment
  • New bootstrap CSS version of myinfo and prospect forms
  • Multi-Store: Only show webforms for current store when processing
  • Update the New Prospect trigger: # of days since prospect created and don’t fire trigger if any appointments created for prospect
  • New web form for Tuxedo Prospect Registration, to manage rush periods where prospects entering store can register on phone to get a place in dressing room queue, auto add them to Prospect table and for User/clerk to be able to start order in one click
  • Improved audit details of SMS/Voice sending
  • Update to Mailchimp 3.0 Api, and added the ability to pull Mailchimp unsubscribes and remove address from ProfitSystem
  • Check current day’s store status from your phone via your store’s ProfitSystem url




  • When updating eStyle QOH, accept any size
  • Increase size of the color sync code to 30 characters
  • Display the sizes/colors that couldn’t be uploaded during eStyle QOH update
  • Allow brand names of up to 80 characters
  • Added a last updated date option to eStyle sync



  • Send event types as P for PROM, instead of wedding and quince for Jims
  • Allow Jims item type and Jims line number to be edited on retail inventory form
  • Jims order submittal now using Jims item types
  • When saving rental order, if style is from Jims auto set the sub-rent flag
  • Allow sub-rental orders to be sent even if there is no vendor on line item, if the style has Jims vendor
  • When sending pocket squares to Jims, remove size
  • Set the Jims role based on PS role
  • Send Jims suspenders BOBL to size M always.
  • Limit length of event for Jims
  • Display message when EZ Tux reports back order must be called in (use date Mon-Thr)
  • Use event date – 2 for pickup date for Jims orders.  If no event, use order pickup date
  • Set inventory discontinue date from Jims import for their styles



  • Added Insta Retail export – size/color chart import, e-commerce upload, increase size of sync colors in color chart
  • Added size/color chart import
  • Added brand lookup on vendor form to link Profitsystem vendor to InstaRetail Brand name