The ProfitSystem Point of Sale systems provide wonderful follow-up marketing abilities to select prospects & customers based upon likes, vendors, categories/departments of items purchased or not purchased, .etc and then to generate email, SMS, letters, listings and labels for effective & targeted follow-up.

eMail pieces for marketing may be created using our built in HTML editor and your current eMail account.

For even more powerful features and benefits we have partnered with Constant Contact, the #1 bulk eMail and online marketing software available.  Prospects and Customers selected within BBL software will be uploaded to Constant Contact with one click!!

Why use Constant Contact?

Constant Contact provides a easy to use eMail piece generator (no HTML knowledge required).  Anyone can make great looking eMails to send!  Also, due to their strict enforcement of anti-spam and eMail management, the eMails sent from Constant Contact have a significantly higher delivery percentage, i.e. more customers will see the eMail sent.  Plus they have other important capabilities like:

[list style=”check”]

  • Social Campaigns
  • Event Invitation & Management
  • Deals (like Groupon)
  • A marketing rep to provide you guidance & support


So  much for so little.  Review Pricing info to learn how reasonable these added benefits are.  Give it a try for FREE.